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A Fresnel luminaire with a soft-edged beam
Variable from 11 to 56°
for 250W CST
discharge lamps  
Power: 250W CST
Información Tecnica
The Sintesi CST range also includes a new profile spot, which adds all the advantages of the 250W CST lamps technology (very high light output, warm light tone, etc.) to the well known versatility of this kind of fixtures
Thanks to the new 250 W discharge lamp with its high efficency ceramic burner it has been possible to create a new range of compact fixtures that gives nearly the light output of a 1000W lamp with the power of 250W only.
Those fixtures are therefore an ideal solution in installations requiring the maximum of efficiency with the lowest operating costs, such as exhibitions,shopping centers, and so on.
Last but not least, the warm white colour of this Hot-Restrike lamp (CCT 3200°K), make this fixture suitable to be installed together with existing halogen spots, in theatres, mutlifunctional rooms, halls, etc., with the addictional advantage of a lamp life much longer than equivalent halogen lamps.
Cooling by dissipation through a finned extruded aluminium surface and by convection through various slots which on the back of the luminaire enhance ventilation when the unit is positioned at a steep angle
High capacity electrical components with high-temperature insulation and tempered glass lenses
Yoke with 10mm diameter hole, adjustable height, reversible and sliding into extruded rails to balance accessories and for use in any position
Dimensions (WxHxP): 319x263x219 mm
Weight: 4,8 kg



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Light Output: Spot 11°

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Light Output: Flood 56°

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...Learn More About: Fresnel Spots

The Fresnel fixture is designed to create a relatively even field of light with adjustable intensity and field size. It is most commonly used in film and television productions.

The name comes from its Fresnel lens, which bends the diverging rays of light emitted by the bulb into a controlled beam of light.
This lens has the same light-bending characteristics as a standard Plano-Convex lens but the convex curve is compressed into jagged steps, making it lighter and thinner so that it retains less heat.