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REA 05

A Fresnel luminaire with a soft-edged beam
Variable from 7 to 62° 110mm Ø borosilicate lens
Barndoors optional
Power: 300/500/650W
Información Tecnica
Standard 230V, 50/60Hz power supply (others available on request)
Lamp-holder type GY 9.5
2m power supply cable (plug available on request)
Strain relief cable clamp entry into light housing
Automatic power cut-out by bipolar microswitch on opening the
Safety mesh
  Safety bond attachment
Filter-frame locking system
Compliance to CE EN 60598-2-17 standards
Spherical reflector in 99.99% polished and treated aluminium:
70mm diameter
110mm diameter borosilicate lens mounted onto extended holders to allow ventilation
Die-cast extruded aluminium housing
Black optical internal paint to give no light reflection and high temperature resistance
Black Epoxy Resin paint
Labyrinth ventilation to avoid light spillage
Lamp-tray hinged to the housing and completely removable for easy maintenance
Accessory top covered by a door
Yoke with 10mm diameter hole, adjustable height, reversible and sliding into extruded rails to balance accessories and for use in any position
Heat insulated knobs and handles
Quick tilt positioning with fast-locking levers
Focus adjustment by an endless screw mechanism operated by rear knob
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Light Output: Spot 7°

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Light Output: Flood 62°

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...Learn More About: Fresnel Spots

The Fresnel fixture is designed to create a relatively even field of light with adjustable intensity and field size. It is most commonly used in film and television productions.

The name comes from its Fresnel lens, which bends the diverging rays of light emitted by the bulb into a controlled beam of light.
This lens has the same light-bending characteristics as a standard Plano-Convex lens but the convex curve is compressed into jagged steps, making it lighter and thinner so that it retains less heat.