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Floodlight for backdrops and cycs using 625-1250W halogen lamps.      
Power: 635/1000W
Información Técnica
The DOMINO 1000 uses linear halogen lamps. Its asymmetrical light distribution is particularly suited to give uniform washes on large areas of backcloth, both from above (suspended), or below (resting directly on the stage floor).
The DOMINO 1000 is modular and has been expressly planned for use in square, or linear multiple units, where each single element can be independentely focused in the vertical plane.
The shape of the DOMINO 1000 and its exclusive spring locking system allow fast and accurate focusing, both from the stage floor and overhead. The absence of knobs on the sides of the unit allows the source of the light to be homogeneous when several units are used side by side.
The "labyrinth" system used for this equipment allows excellent ventilation of both gels and housing, while ensuring no spill from the body even in the darkest conditions. The DOMINO 1000, when used with 1000 W lamps and good quality colour filters, can guarantee continued excellent performance in all positions. In most cases, 1250 W lamps can also be used.
A wire grid protects the lamp and stops it from falling if it breaks. This grid also ensures that the colour filters cannot suffer from accidental damage. All electrical parts are resistant to high temperatures. The power cable is toughened silicon insulated with flame resistant outer sheathing, according to CEI safety regulations.
Optics: the asymmetrical curve of the reflector has been specially designed to givo maximum output and uniformity in the vertical piane. The mirrored sides increase the sideways spread of the light thus ensuring a better colour mix when using adjacent units.
This filter holder softens the edges of the light on one side while a barn-door, on the other side, allows a cleaner focusing of the light on the desired surface.



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Very similar to the Floodlight but with asymmetric shaped reflector, it is used to illuminate a cyclorama from top to bottom and from side to side.
Cyc strips are also normally positioned on the floor or in trench below floor level. The angle of the strip and its distance from the cyc are critical to achieve even lighting on the surface.